Relationships can be difficult at times and can have ups and downs, but without the communication and problem resolution skills, hopeless feelings can set in.  We can help you build those skills together so that you can begin to change the patterns of communication.  

Research shows that those who can repair conflicts are most likely to survive their relationships and avoid divorce.  However, in order to make any repair, we have to first have the appropriate tools.  I can provide those simple tools to help repair the relationships.  

Relationship therapy can be helpful in a variety of settings.  I provide therapy for a variety of couples, here are just a few of the dynamics that I provide therapeutic services for:  

1.  Couples that are not married and have no intentions on getting married.

2.  Married couples.  

3.  Married couples who previous to counseling have already decided on divorce and are beginning the divorce process and wanting help with processing the divorce and various aspects related to the divorce.  

4.  Divorced couples looking to improve their co-parenting approach.  

5.  Couples (engaged and not yet engaged), looking for pre-marital counseling.